Kelsey Blanton

Environment Artist

I wish to inspire the world the way the world inspired me.

About Me - Professional:

Co-Coordinator of the Sacandaga Valley Arts Network Art Gallery and At-Large Board Member

Former Art Guild President at Fulton-Montgomery Community College

Distinguished Graduate of the Fine Art Associate's Degree Program at Fulton-Montgomery Community College

Phi-Theta Kappa Member

Graduate of Full Sail University with a Game Art Bachelor's of Science

About Me - Personal:

The Adirondack Mountains are what I call home and they are the mountains that turned me to become an environment artist.

Apart from being an art enthusiast, Co-Coordinator of the Sacandaga Valley Arts Network, and former Art Guild President of Fulton-Montgomery Community College -- I am a photographer, avid blood donor, and mountain-climbing-river-running-thrillseeking-life-living chick.

The digital aspect of what I do comes from my constant fascination of technology and how quickly we discover new technological advances.

Ever since I was 2 years old, I've used a computer. My father would plop me on his lap and help me handle the mouse on when the World Wide Web launched.

I now enjoy classic games that started it all, along with the new games being published today incorporating the technological advances we discovered.

I also like puppies and kittens.