Maeve - Colored Pencil Drawing
Maeve - Colored Pencil Drawing

- Fabercastel Polychroomos Colored Pencils 
- Speedball Mona Lisa Odorless Paint Thinner (for blending out the above colored pencils) 
- White Gel Pen and Acrylic white paint for highlights and texture. 
- 9x12 Tone Gray Paper.
I used this piece to further myself in Traditional Art Pieces. This is also my first human drawing (without any kind of mask to take away from human features that add difficulty  ) - My first humanoid piece is of Boba Fett here:
This focus is of the color composition of human skin along with human facial features that distinguish us from each other (eyes, nose, mouth, face, hair, etc.)
Maeve is my girl, I love her dearly - so I wanted to study her specifically.

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